A Lifelong Love of Learning

Nancy Mamani Aspi in front of her home

Nancy Mamani Aspi comes from a family committed to education – her father is a teacher, her three siblings have stayed in school despite challenges.

In high school Nancy received a music scholarship so she could learn guitar, charango, and music theory.  She still loves music and practices guitar in her free time. Nancy was also chosen while still in high school to represent the indigenous young people of the Department of La Paz in a congress of eight Latin American countries held in Guatemala. The theme of the meeting was “Peace”.

Thanks to BQEF’s donors, Nancy has a scholarship and is currently studying adult education with a specialty in mathematics. She studies at the Teacher Education College in the Corpa Community where she lives. Nancy is involved with the Avelino Siñani Institute in her community. (The Institute offers development and support for indigenous community and adult ed teachers.)  There she is taking courses in pastrymaking and textiles, and is learning different kinds of knitting, which she will use to make a poncho and a sampler.  Nancy and her Institute classmates planted and are caring for an aloe plant each, a part of their work on helping with the environment. Nancy also recently gave a presentation on regional variations to an Ayma language class at the Teachers College, based on her work with the Institute.

Nancy goes to the Corpa Monthly Meeting of the Frontier District of INELA, where she attends every week and helps with the children and the young people.  Concerned because attendance has declined, she and others have begun a regular vigil and fast to pray for people who have drifted away from the church.

Nancy writes lively letters and would enjoy corresponding with a sponsor. To learn how you or your meeting can sponsor Nancy in her studies, please go to www.bqef.org/sponsor.