Applause for a Bolivian Cowgirl: Gaby's Ag. Studies

Gaby Chambi Perca in front of the School of Agriculture, University of San Simón, Cochabamba

Gaby Chambi Perca is beginning her ninth semester studying Agronomy and Animal Husbandry at the University of San Simón in Cochabamba, thanks to her own hard work and a BQEF sponsorship by a US family.

International Lecturers

Last semester, Gaby’s section had a workshop on calf management.  A lecturer from Argentina taught about life in the calf’s early days, and particularly the importance of colostrum for the calf. Gaby also had a practicum on the “Santa Maria” farm.

Model Organic Standards

In an earlier semester, her studies included a visit to the model organic farm in Pairumani, where she learned about the various machinery and implements used, and about the farm's strict organic standards which require, for example, that they not use seeds from foreign markets.

Vibrant School and Church Life

Gaby shared a few highlights with us: “In the
Gaby and her fellow Ag students celebrate Students Day with a barbecueSchool of Agriculture Residence Hall where I live, we shared a barbeque to celebrate Students Day.”  (Shown at right.)

In my church, “Life for All” [in Cochabamba], I attend the worship service for youth on Saturdays and the general worship on Sundays.  Recently we had a retreat for young people entitled “My Encounter with Christ”...There were eleven participants and from the testimony that they gave, we could see the change and the transformation of their lives - so much so that we are planning another encounter for the youth who were not able to attend, and then with all the church in groups no larger than 10 people.“

...And Visits Home

Gaby, Branches of Citrus Fruit in Hand, Helping Out on Her Parents FarmGaby’s family lives in the South Yungas section of La Paz Department and attends the San Miguel de Huachi monthly meeting, of INELA Yearly Meeting.  When she goes home to visit them during school breaks (a perilous journey along a narrow, twisting mountain highway), she helps with their daily chores.

Gaby writes that she is thankful to God, her parents, and her scholarship sponsors for the support they give her which makes her education possible.  

Imagine Getting to Know a Bolivian Friend

Would you or your family or meeting enjoy getting to know Bolivian Quakers better? Sponsorship is a wonderful opportunity to do just that.  Students write their sponsors several times a year, with photos and stories about their studies, families, churches and community.  (Volunteers can help with translations if you'd like.)  Majors include agriculture, business, engineering, linguistics, nursing, social work, and teaching.

55 energetic, dedicated young Quakers have scholarships to university and technical schools this year. That's 55 Bolivian Friends who are gaining the skills and confidence needed to assume leadership roles in a vibrant, emerging nation.  25 of these were awarded on faith and are still in need of sponsorship.

To find out how you can help fund a student's studies, visit our scholarships and sponsorships page.