In Loving Memory: Newton Garver

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As you may already know, Newton Garver died peacefully at home on Saturday, February 8 with his wife Anneliese present.  While we regret the end of his life with us, we give thanks for the inspiration and example that Newton provided.

Bolivian Friends will hold a meeting for remembrance in celebration of the life and ministry of Newton, at Friends Church on Max Paredes tomorrow, March 8, at 10:00 am La Paz time (9 am EST).

BQE-Bolivia alumni, students, and parents, along with other Bolivian Friends who have known and worked with Newton, will be in attendance. They will meet until noon and then share an Apthapi lunch – an Aymara-style potluck.*

Bernabé Yujra, who together with “Brother Newton” began the work that grew into BQEF, writes: “We hope you will join us in spirit with your prayers this day.” 

A Memorial Meeting will be held at the Orchard Park Meetinghouse, 6924 E. Quaker St., Orchard Park, NY, on May 3 at 11 A.M.  Friends who cannot make that gathering are again invited to be present in thought and prayer.

Thirteen years ago, Newton was deeply moved by the young Bolivians who were making tremendous sacrifices to get an education.  When he returned from Bolivia, he set about founding the Bolivian Quaker Education Fund.  Newton dedicated much of his remaining years to building financial and organizational support for the education of young Bolivian Friends, nurturing fellowship between Friends in Bolivia and Friends in the North as he worked.

We are blessed to have known this extraordinary man, who found so many ways to practice and model how to live a life of compassion, service, and integrity.

*Bernabe said they are having the Apthapi because Newton liked potlucks so much.

Newton's spirit was powerful. He was a wonderful mentor.

Minga Claggett-borne

devoted to Bolivian Friends

Remembrances Friends have shared, posted here with their permission:

“He was a wonderful Friend and devoted to Bolivian Friends as well as those closer to home."     Betsy Cazden, New England YM

“a wonderful soul gone. He will be sorely missed..." Mary Lee Morrison

“He leaves an extraordinary legacy, one that reaches far and long."
Sydelle Zove

"Holding dear Newton in the Light and giving thanks for all his good work." Martha McManamy, NEYM

“Newton and I rarely saw each other, only occasionally emailed, but  those encounters showed me a man of deep integrity and steady following of principle."  Paul Lacey

"I am so sorry to hear of the death of our Friend Newton Garver.  Although I never met him, I met a group of the students who benefitted from BQEF in La Paz in 2005 and was impressed by the scheme.   I also met Bernabé at FWCC Triennial in Dublin in 2007 and I contributed from time to time to the Fund.
It takes a special kind of Friend to make such a difference in the world by following his leading from God.   All you who are close to him will miss him very much and who are supporters will recognise his contribution and I hope continue it."    Felicity McCartney, Ireland YM

“Paul and I thought of our Friends in Bolivia and here and are so grateful for Newton Garver's life and legacy through BQEF."    Valerie Vickers and Paul Mitchell
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