Congratulations to new Nursing Assistant Sonia

Sonia Carolina Llanque-Quispe - New Nursing Assistant graduate

Congratulations to Sonia Carolina Llanque Quispe on graduating as a nursing assistant. Sonia graduated from the INFOCAL Technical Institute thanks in part to donors who supported her BQEF scholarship.

Sonia’s studies included practicums in various wards in the hospital. In the Emergency Room she learned to give blood transfusions. In her community health course, she researched and made a presentation to her class about care of pregnant women in the home.

She learned to provide both physical and emotional care for patients who could not move themselves in the trauma ward, and assisted in surgery for a broken nose in the ear, nose, and throat clinic.

Sonia is particularly concerned about children’s health and took part in a vaccination campaign. It was a very good experience for her training and a successful campaign.

Sonia’s father died several years ago, and her mother works as a street vender selling sweaters. Sonia worked part-time to cover her expenses and greatly appreciated her scholarship which particularly helped with transportation to school and to her practicum hospitals and clinics, and with buying study materials.

While her family was not able to provide much financial support, she said, “They are always by my side supporting me.”

At night she and her mother and her brother sit down and share their experiences of the day and give thanks to Jesus Christ for the day and his care.

Sonia worships in the Life and Peace Friends Church Monthly Meeting which is part of INELA, the National Evangelical Friends Yearly Meeting.

During March she led the worship service, selecting and directing praises and hymns. Reading and analyzing scripture verses was a very special experience. It was difficult, but she felt strengthened as she shared God’s Word with the other people.