Quakers in Bolivia: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation. 2020 Quaker Study Tour postponed until 2022

Snow capped mountains and Palm Trees - Sorata


BQEF feels we have to postpone the Quaker Study Tour until next year.  We didn't have quite enough registrants, and think with the coronavirus epidemic and the political uncertainty that it will be hard to get more.  We will be speaking with Dr. Blanco and Alicia Lucasi in Bolivia to set up dates for next year, and I will let you know as soon as we have anything set.  The trip promised to be a really good one, and we will probably follow a similar itinerary to the one planned below.
The ecological and climate crisis is, at its heart, a spiritual and moral crisis.”
- Dr. Jennie Ratcliffe

Come to beautiful Bolivia to learn about climate change’s impacts on the land and people of Bolivia, and the adaptations that are occurring to meet these rapid and significant changes. Travel to impacted areas to meet and exchange ideas with local climate change activists and former BQEF students working in areas impacted by climate change, grounded in the work of  U.S. Quaker Dr. Jennie Ratcliffe, author of “Nothing Lowly in the Universe: an Integral Approach to the Ecological Crisis” and “Integrity, Ecology, and Community: The Motion of Love”. 

Drawing on Quaker testimonies and wisdom from other traditions and visionaries, we will use this text to help us explore in advance the spiritual principles that can underpin an integrated deep ecology. We will discover how to envision attainable paths to long-term sustainability and a more peaceable and just world, weaving these principles into discussions throughout the trip.

Come, too, to learn about Bolivia’s history and culture, from the pre-Inca traditions to the emergence of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. Visit those who have dramatically improved their lives and communities with the educational support of the Bolivian Quaker Education Fund (BQEF), and make warm personal connections with fellow travelers and Bolivian Friends. There will be opportunities for acclimating to high altitudes, cultural exchange and learning, and getting to know former and current BQEF students.

Participants will fly into Sucre, Bolivia and will travel to La Paz, Achocalla, Yolosita, Tiwanaku, Uyuni, Sorata, Huatajata, Copacabana, and Amacari, with the trip ending in La Paz. A detailed itinerary will be available after registration.

Trip price is $1950. Registration and first deposit of $500 are due by February 15, 2020, 2nd payment of $725 is due by March 15, 2020, final payment of $725 is due by May 1, 2020.  Payments are non-refundable unless we can fill your spot from the waitlist, or if the trip is cancelled by BQEF.

Individuals will be expected to purchase flights to and from Bolivia themselves.  All in-country flights which are part of the tour are arranged by the QST staff and included in the price.

Except where noted in the itinerary (which you can access in the file linked below), meals are paid for by participants, with complimentary hotel breakfasts available, and modest lunch and dinner prices available.

For more details, please download the attached pdf which includes the itinerary, registration form, and other information. Questions? Contact registrar Jim Morgan,  412-535-2078 (EST), qst.bolivia@gmail.com


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