The Joys of Sponsorship

One meaningful way to support the Bolivian Quaker Education Fund's work is to sponsor a student. For $850 a year, an individual, family, meeting, or organization can sponsor and correspond with a student.

-My family has sponsored several students over the years. My mother sponsored two music students to honor the memory of her sister. That same year, one of those students brought her band to perform for us on the Quaker Study Tour.
Barbara Stanford, St. Louis Meeting

-Several years ago, I signed up for a class about Bolivia at the FGC Gathering. I learned that a small amount of US dollars could make a huge change for a student. I have been able to practice my Spanish with the students we have sponsored. When our last student graduated, we received a large care package, including a beautifully framed family photo. Dick Grossman, Durango Meeting

-Bill Thompson, Friends Meeting of Washington, D.C., is so impressed with the BQEF scholarship program that he now supports three students! I feel I'm really getting to know them,” says Bill, “and $850 per year goes a long way to help a student get a footing in life.”

-My interest in BQEF grew out of my acquaintance with Newton Garver. I was present for some of the BQEF formative conversations that took place at NYYM summer sessions. Because BQEF improves not only the lives of students and their families but the future of Bolivia, I have supported BQEF for a long time. BQEF uses funds efficiently and a small contribution goes a long way.
Ron Peterson, Fredonia Meeting

Email if you would like to develop a meaningful connection with a student by sponsoring and communicating them.

The Joys of Sponsorship