From Durango For Dahlia: Support Helps A Teacher Prepare

Dahlia's Classroom

Dahlia Vilca Flores studies at the Warisata Teachers College, where she is also class president. Even though she was sick with laryngitis for two weeks, she was successful in her academic activities. “My voice dried up and I couldn't participate.”
Dahlia was student teaching when the pandemic worsened and her class of second-graders had to move to online learning with the rest of the school. Dahlia and the other teachers developed special distance learning materials for the students and recorded the virtual classes for the students to review later.

Dahlia was happy to complete her two months of student teaching in a school that was using virtual methods. She also appreciated how parents tried to ensure that their children received the best education possible.

Dahlia is grateful that her family has remained in good health during the pandemic. The majority of Bolivian families have not been as lucky. She wrote, “It is a great struggle, what they are going through these days.”

Thanks to your support, students persevered!

Her family's crops, however, have been sickly. Last year, the frost came early and damaged the bean crop.

Dahlia's studies are sponsored by Dick and Gay Grossman of Durango Meeting. She writes, “I am immensely grateful. Thanks to their help I am studying for my teaching career. I must continue forward with all my strength to get good grades.”

Dahlia attends the Holiness Friends Church in Achacachi, where she is a youth leader. She fasts and has attended an evangelism meeting with young people from churches in the area.

 With your help, students like Dahlia can continue their education, even amid extremely challenging circumstances.