Computer Studies


10 computers have now been installed in two rural schools, in Achacachi and Batallas. View singing and thanks, from the new computers presentation to the Batallas Quaker school, here.

Computer labs have been established in the three urban Quaker schools, with nearly 20 computers installed, and in the scholarship students' study room in the BQE-Bo office. Three rural Quaker schools have asked to be included. Internet will be established in the three urban schools, and another 30-40 computers need to be installed. 

Computer class student-to-computer ratio has improved dramatically in the schools where computer labs have been installed.  Computers are such an everyday affair in the US that it is difficult to imagine just how much this means to the Bolivian Friends. 

Bolivian Friends' highest priorities for strengthening their schools are to upgrade studies in English, computer skills, and science, because these are important for communication with the wider world. Additional priorities include increasing access to post-secondary education and improving necessary skills for thriving in the world Bolivian Quakers live in. Bolivian Quaker educators feel strongly that the Computers project is vital for cost-effective student resource access and contemporary skills training.

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