Quaker Education Workshops

Quaker Education Workshop small group

Two teachers from Abington Friends School (AFS) traveled to La Paz in August 2005 to deliver a Spanish version of Quaker Education workshops designed in collaboration with Bolivian Friends. During follow-up workshops led by US Quaker teachers in 2007, local facilitators were trained adn materials were translated into Spanish. There are now local workshop leaders in La Paz, who gave a workshop to Quaker school directors and administrators in October 2008 and will offer two workshops for teachers in December 2008.

Requested workshop topics include Quaker process and the use of, and preparation for, "Meeting for Worship;" the relationship between academic education and values (i.e., the way we teach is as important as what we teach); the orientation of teachers new to Quaker schools; and Quaker history and testimonies/doctrines.