Personal Reflections

The Fun and Significant Week - Ruben, 10-27-08


The campus had signs made by students that asked if you have demonstrated the spirit of love to your school. To which, all came Monday dressed in pajamas. On Tuesday, they dressed in FORMAL WEAR. Wednesday was the opposite day,  then had to turn clothes around to the opposite. Thursday was the day of the twins, or to wear the same clothes as a best friend. Friday was BLUE AND WHITE day, everyone had to wear something of those colors.

Visit to Selma - Alicia 10-26-08


I went with 11 students and  professor Susan K. to Selma,  Alabama, a journey and an unforgettable experience. Selma is a historic town: in 1965 a march for 5 days began from Selma to Alabama's capital, calling for respect of their rights and succeeded with the African-Americans liberation(?) Dr. Martin Luther King. We visited the... Museums and Libraries, known to Mrs. Afriye We-kandodis, who is a very special friend to me. I talk with her alot, always follow her advice. We all rested at her home, a very nice lady who gave us her entire home for 4 days...

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